We offer you our technical support service, to make your photovoltaic installations easier.

The value we offer to our clients through our technical attention makes us different.

To repair any damaged equipment, you must request an RMA number.
To do this, fill out and send the following form:

If all the information on the form isn´t duly completed, this RMA request won´t be considered valid.




    Once we review all the data, you will be assigned the RMA with instructions for sending the equipment, which will be communicated via email.

    If all the information on the form isn´t duly completed, this RMA request won´t be considered valid.


    - The faulty equipment will be sent by the customer, carriage paid, to the address indicated when the RMA number is communicated to the customer. We will not accept any goods that are not properly labelled with the document that we will send you upon acceptance of this RMA. Remember to place it on the outside of the packaging in a visible manner.

    - To obtain an RMA number, the equipment must have been purchased from Turbo Energy within two years or less. Unless the corresponding warranty extension to 5 years has been requested.

    - If the equipment is checked:

    - It is under warranty, we will proceed directly to the repair and subsequent shipment to the address indicated on the form. Both the repair and the shipment will be carried out at no cost to the customer.

    - If there is no fault, you will have to pay for the work of revising the equipment plus shipping costs.

    - The misuse, incorrect handling or lack of protections in the installation, recommended in the manual causes the breakdown, the repair will not be covered by the guarantee. An estimate will be sent to you which must be accepted in order to proceed with the repair. If the estimate is not accepted within one month of its communication, the equipment will be sent to a recycling plant.

    - Likewise, in the event that the repair is not under warranty and its cost exceeds 50% of the cost that you would have for the purchase of a new one. We will offer you the option of new equipment at a special discount, associated with the RMA number assigned to it, and we will not charge you for the costs of checking and diagnosing the faulty equipment, we will only charge you for the shipping costs.

    - If the repair is not covered by the warranty and you do not accept the proposed repair estimate, we will proceed to invoice you for the revision and diagnosis carried out. The revision of an inverter will amount to 95 euros (65 euros revision and diagnosis + 30 euros of postage in the case of equipment weighing less than 30kilos, vat not included), and 130 euros (65 euros revision and diagnosis + 65 euros of postage in the case of equipment weighing more than 30 kilos, vat not included). The revision of a lithium battery will cost 160 euros (95 euros revision and diagnosis + 65 euros shipping costs, vat not included).

    - Voltronic equipment whose failure is not covered by the warranty will not be repaired. We will attend to equipment that may be under warranty due to the date of sale, but if the breakdown is caused by a bad handling by the customer, it will not be repaired as, in general, the cost of the service exceeds the cost of a new equipment by a reasonable percentage. We will offer you a commercial solution adjusted in price with the advantages that your acceptance contemplates, such as saving the cost of the revision and diagnostics of the faulty equipment, invoicing only the RMA shipping costs.