Turbo Energy and Solar Rocket join forces

In order to offer a better product and service to its customers.


Due to the growth that Solar Rocket has experienced, since its creation in 2013, as a photovoltaic material distribution company, the company will henceforth operate under the Turbo Energy brand. The goal is to join forces and offer a better product and service to customers. "With this union of both brands and companies, since we have also merged both companies legally, we are convinced that we will be able to give our customers much more," explains Manuel Cercós, Business Development Director and co-founder of Turbo Energy.


As a result of this merger, customers will have access to a comprehensive service right from the start, from access to exclusive Turbo Energy products such as hybrid inverters, microinverters and a wide range of lithium-ion batteries. To the most extensive series of standard photovoltaic equipment on the market such as structures, on-grid and off-grid inverters and, of course, solar panels. All this with quality service and the pursuit of logistical excellence.


Focused on this objective, the Valencian company has poured all its knowledge into its flagship product SunBox, an all-in-one system, with the capacity to accumulate and manage energy with artificial intelligence.


For Manuel Cercós "by joining both companies we have the ability to offer high level technical service; excellence in logistics; customer advice; and a high level of stock and availability inherent to Solar Rocket together with the innovative products and the international projection of Turbo Energy".


"We can also say that with this union we are starting a strategic plan for growth and expansion in other countries, since Turbo Energy has a presence not only in Spain and Portugal, but also in North Africa, Latin America, Europe, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, and we are prospecting the Asian market," concludes Manuel Cercós.