Turbo Energy, through its Turbo Energy Academy area, has introduced a training and professional certification programme for photovoltaic installers who want to evolve in their profession, acquiring technical and commercial knowledge. This training will help professionals to get the most out of their work in the photovoltaic sector, offering new solutions to customers, for their homes or businesses.

In this regard, Manuel Cercós, Business Development Manager, said that “as manufacturers, we understand that professionals trained in our technology will be able to provide the best service to end customers, and that the brand image of both the professional and Turbo Energy will be strengthened”.

On completing the training and obtaining the Turbo Energy Certified Installer certificate, the professional becomes an expert in the design, configuration and installation of photovoltaic solutions with Turbo Energy products, as well as acquiring commercial training in the sale of these solutions.

Another benefit of the certification is the support in different areas such as: technical service, commercial support, and marketing actions such as digital graphic material and recommendation of the company by Turbo Energy in its promotional media, which will increase visibility and new business opportunities.

If the installer is interested in joining the Turbo Energy Programme and certification, he can apply for it through Turbo Energy’s distributors and sales partners.

For more information, please write to marketing@turbo-e.com or contact your sales manager directly.