Pamesa Grupo Empresarial has expanded its solar photovoltaic plan by installing monocrystalline silicon modules and a set of all-in-one SunBox Smart equipment from Turbo Energy, with the aim of generating and accumulating solar electricity to be consumed efficiently and maximizing CO2 savings.

The SunBox units use intelligent management software that automatically and instantly optimizes the use of solar electricity from the panels. In this sense, the company explains that “the software makes decisions on the consumption or accumulation of the energy generated by the sun based on parameters such as the building’s energy consumption schedules, the cost of electricity at any given time or the present and future weather at a specific location”.

For its part, the company IM2 Energía Solar, part of the Umbrella Capital group, of which Turbo Energy is also a member, has installed 256 kW of solar panels and 50 kWh of batteries for the Pamesa Cerámica offices, which supply the entire office and showroom complex. The Logistics Center has 6.36 kW of panels and 107 kWh of batteries that will be used mainly to power the forklifts that transport the material during the day and night.