Turbo Energy presents its new SunBox product at Intersolar

Turbo Energy, a Spanish company specialising in the development and production of photovoltaic products for domestic installations, will present its new SunBox product, an all-in-one solution for the generation, storage and intelligent management of solar energy, at the Intersolar Europe Restart 2021 trade fair.

This system, in addition to allowing solar energy to be consumed at any time of the day, has software based on artificial intelligence that optimises the savings produced by solar energy. In this sense, Enrique Selva, CEO of Turbo Energy, explained that "SunBox differs from other products in that it is an accumulation system with batteries and artificial intelligence that can achieve what we call real economic savings". "That is to say, with the same investment cost as conventional equipment and thanks to the use of artificial intelligence and the management capacity provided by the batteries, an economic saving of around 80% of the domestic electricity cost is achieved. A classic photovoltaic installation, without accumulation capacity or artificial intelligence, consisting of panels and an on-grid inverter achieves savings of 40% in the best of cases, so the difference in profitability is enormous," Enrique Selva explained.

SunBox: style, technology and sustainability
With an aesthetic of pure and elegant lines, its design has been conceived for a more decorative and safe integration into homes. SunBox connects directly to the solar panels of the home, is modular and can store energy up to 10.2 kWh, supplying a home with up to 90% solar energy compared to grid energy. Several units can also be installed together to increase the performance of power and storage capacity.

SunBox has the ability to optimise energy management by taking into account the contracted electricity tariff, the intelligent prediction of solar generation and the consumption patterns of the home, which it learns from and makes decisions about. "In short, all this makes you get your money's worth faster," explains Enrique Selva. In addition, SunBox has additional functionalities such as peak shaving, back-up mode and storm protect that provide additional value to the user.

Turbo Energy App: savings and consumption control
Another of the special features offered by SunBox is that thanks to the Turbo Energy App, any user can visualise their energy consumption and savings, battery charge status and environmental savings from their device. Likewise, in the event of a power cut, SunBox allows users to continue to have clean energy to continue their activity. "It is a very intuitive App, designed for the user at all times", said Enrique Selva.

Turbo Energy will be present at one of the most important events in the sector, from 6 to 8 October in Munich, at stand B6.150, where it will also present the rest of its range of products for photovoltaic installations, consisting of lithium batteries, inverters and microinverters.